Yield Ramp Simulator®


Functional Yield Simulator

Yield Ramp Simulator (YRS®) is an advanced semiconductor yield simulator that predicts functional yield, based on design layout and process characterization information. YRS enables designers to identify the manufacturability issues that exist in their layout, before they tape-out their designs for manufacturing. Product engineering and manufacturing interface teams use YRS to identify and prioritize the process sensitivities that exist for a given product, in order to rapidly resolve the issues that are limiting a product's yield.

Our yield simulator incorporates a design-feature extraction engine, which works in conjunction with silicon feature-based models. The failure rate models characterize the manufacturability attributes of a given layout. The result is a report which summarizes the manufacturing sensitivities of a design and enables layout modifications to remove layout patterns that are significant yield detractors.

An integral component of ramping products on more than 30 advanced deep submicron processes worldwide, YRS is the gold standard for yield simulation.

  • Functional Yield Models - YRS incorporates PDF Solutions' set of yield models, which reflect our experience in early process learning, in time to prevent products from hitting unexpected layout dependent yield collapse.
  • Fail Rate Updates - Fail rates evolve over the life cycle of a process. YRS enables updated fail rates to be input to the tool as a manufacturing process matures. PDF Solutions offers updating services based on PDF, industry, or client characterization data.
  • Network Support - Product yield is determined by defects that cause a die to degrade or fail electrically. But physical defects do not always cause products to fail, particularly for products built with layout redundancy. Therefore, YRS considers electrical networks in a layout when calculating yields and sensitivities.
  • Easy-to-use - You do not need to be a yield or process engineer to achieve high yielding products with YRS. The YRS dashboard and workbench provide a user-friendly cockpit for designers and product engineers to gain a simple view into a product's yield sensitivities, and then drill down to examine more details.

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