YieldAware™ Process Control

Process variation and process control costs are increasing dramatically as technology nodes continue to shrink. Better and more efficient process control methods are necessary to achieve cost, control and quality targets.

PDF Solutions'  YieldAware™ Process Control system and services help IC makers:

  • Understand the relationship between fault detection and classification (FDC) statistics and economic drivers of yield, Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and variable costs.
  • Quickly identify critical process factors that can reduce yield variation, OEE and costs.
  • Control critical parameters by applying online control and diagnostics.

Fault Detection and Classification Maximizes Value of Integrated Knowledge Base

PDF Solutions experience in over 50 yield ramps has been embodied in the company's broad process control infrastructure, including its Characterization Vehicle® (CV®) test chips, mæstria® FDC software, and dataPOWER® Yield Management System.

The YieldAware™ Process Control system and services couple this infrastructure with advanced, proprietary modeling methods designed specifically for complex, electrically noisy manufacturing environments. PDF Solutions provides a full-service implementation of the YieldAware™ Process Control technology and methods that improve the capability of baseline processing, reduces excursions, and enhances root-cause diagnoses.

The YieldAware™ Process Control system and services include:

  • YieldAware™ Process Control infrastructure, including CV® test chips
  • Services and knowledge-based algorithms that single out critical FDC statistics, from an extremely large number of signals, that are used to model and control process variability
  • Model-based online control system, including OCAPs with equipment-based actions
  • Efficient drill-down from FDC alarms and low yield conditions to equipment trace data for root cause analysis
  • PDF Solutions' YieldAware™ Process Control system and services are currently deployed with nine different clients, at 90nm and below. Each YieldAware™ Process Control project is driven by a six-sigma DMAIC-based approach to enable effective realization of ROI.

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