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PDF Solutions provides solutions to manufacturers and designers who are seeking to unlock the potential of their technology and resources. Our solutions incorporate best in class characterization technology, industry leading software infrastructure, and world class consulting teams. By combining these elements, PDF Solutions is able to consistently work with our clients to achieve superior results as measured by yield, time to market, parametric distributions, cost, and predictability.

Our solutions are based on a unifying methodology that encompasses the following elements:

  • Detection: PDF Solutions develops systems that enable our clients to measure, collect, and analyze unparalleled amounts of data for maximum observability and timely information availability.
  • Diagnosis: PDF Solutions provides a unique set of tools and knowhow that enable our clients to identify the root causes of their losses more rapidly and with greater precision.
  • Prediction: PDF Solutions' technology and services leverage characterization data, design information, factory signals, and modeling to proactively predict where losses are likely to occur.
  • Correction: Upon being able to detect, diagnose, and predict losses, we provide our clients with technology and consulting services to take implement corrective actions and enable them to take advantage of opportunities to extract more value from their assets.
  • Monitoring and Control: PDF Solutions provides critical online and offline control systems that our clients use to ensure that they are operating within their targeted range and to enable them to monitor progress in achieving continuous improvements throughout their process lifecycle.

Clients competing in markets with high stakes, demanding schedules and aggressive targets turn to PDF Solutions because of our experience and unparalleled track record in deploying this methodology to achieve their targeted results.

Contact us to discover more about how PDF Solutions can address your critical issues throughout the IC Manufacturing Process Life Cycle.