Silicon Wafer Manufacturing

Silicon wafers have evolved over the last decade from undifferentiated commodities to specialty products that are mandatory for keeping up with the technological innovation pace of the semiconductor and industry. The supply of bulk silicon has given way to the manufacturing of advanced materials and sophisticated substrates, such as SOI. To help IC makers produce devices with increased memory capacity, faster performance, and lower power consumption, silicon wafer manufacturers must enhance the quality of their wafers in terms of cleanliness, roughness, and flatness. At the same time, they must provide their photovoltaic clients with higher and longer-term efficiency rates. This cannot be achieved without significantly improving and controlling manufacturing processes.

PDF Solutions provides technology, services, and products to help silicon wafer and substrate manufacturers achieve tight equipment and process control. Our solutions identify process excursions, monitor tool health, and pinpoint the critical parameters that impact final quality - the selling value of the wafer.

  • Advanced Process and Equipment Control - mæstria® module is a sophisticated fault detection and classification software solution that accurately detect and identify - in real time - process excursions and tool anomalies that arise in production.
  • Engineering Data Analysis - The dataPOWER® yield management solution and its Analysis-Ready Database help silicon wafer manufacturers rapidly identify losses due to design issues, device fabrication, and test problems, thus enabling immediate action to improve manufacturing operations.

Learn how PDF Solutions can help you maximize your throughput, increase the quality and reliability of your wafers, and increase your profit.

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