Semiconductor Manufacturing

The challenges facing the semiconductor industry are many. Just some of the issues to be confronted include how to lower the costs of IC design and manufacture without impacting quality, meeting production deadlines, shortening time-to-market and time-to-volume, and improving profitability.

Semiconductor manufacturers look to PDF Solutions to help them improve their return on assets across the process lifecycle. Our tools, software and methodologies are used by logic and memory producers worldwide to design products that are easier to manufacture, achieve yield goals faster, optimize process and product quality, and reduce the overall cost of ownership.  Since 1991, PDF Solutions has been helping its clients realize hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings and incremental revenue.

  • Integrated Yield Ramp: PDF Solutions deploys a unique set of tools and methodologies to achieve faster qualification and release to production at new technology nodes, higher initial yield at first silicon, faster yield ramps, higher yields and less variability at mature production.
  • Product Relevant Process Control: PDF Solutions'  YieldAware Process Control system controls manufacturing equipment to optimize for product yield and factory throughput by building adaptive models that identify and link critical tool signals to product yield loss mechanisms.
  • New Product Introduction: PDF Solutions' technology and services accelerate time-to-product qualification and minimize new product introduction risks.
  • Advanced Process and Equipment Controlmæstria® module is a sophisticated process control platform with fault detection and classification software solutions that accurately detect and identify - in real-time - process excursions and tool anomalies that arise during production.
  • Engineering Data Analysis: The dataPOWER® yield management solution and its Analysis-Ready Database allow IC producers to rapidly identify losses due to design, fabrication and test, thus enabling immediate action to improve yield.

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