Achieving the benefits made possible by advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes continues to become more challenging. The complexity of interactions between design features and manufacturing processes has pushed the traditional interface based on design rules and SPICE models to its limits. Design rules and SPICE models alone can no longer assure designers that their products can be manufactured as intended. Meanwhile, restricted design rules often result in overly conservative designs that prevent chip vendors from realizing the benefits of advanced technology nodes.

The pdBRIX chip design platform provides a solution for achieving predictable silicon results that takes advantage of the full performance, area, and power benefits of advanced technology nodes. The pdBRIX platform is based on the identification of a set of manufacturable layout patterns that are exhaustively characterized and qualified in silicon. These patterns are chosen based on quantified trade-offs involving design priorities and manufacturing capabilities. The patterns are assembled into logic building blocks known as pdBRIX Templates, which constitute the interface between foundries and designers. Libraries built from these patterns are then constructed to avoid the introduction of foreign layout patterns.

Achieve Silicon Predictability

By constraining the pattern classes that occur in a pdBRIX library, PDF Solutions can deploy its patented Characterization Vehicles (CV®) to rapidly qualify all patterns that can occur in a design. Furthermore, PDF Solutions can validate the SPICE models to ensure they match silicon for the specific set of devices and neighborhoods that occur in a pdBRIX library.

Identify the Sweet Spot for Performance, Area, Power and Predictability

PDF Solutions leverages silicon characterization and simulation data to quantitatively assess the trade-offs clients must make in their physical IP creation process. By quantifying these trade-offs and providing a set of pre-qualified patterns, PDF Solutions enables pdBRIX clients to create libraries that match their specific needs and achieve a competitive advantage.

Provide Visibility into Parametric Issues on Product Wafers

PDF Solutions' Scribe CVs provide unrivaled detail on parametric issues that must be diagnosed during new product introduction. When designs are built from pdBRIX libraries, the comprehensive set of devices that occur in the actual designs can be placed in Scribe CVs. This enables chip vendors to identify and deconstruct the factors that affect their ability to deliver parts. This capability also enables them to tighten their corner models based on actual silicon data, as their manufacturing process matures.

PDF Solutions is engaged at various stages of evaluation and early deployment of the pdBRIX platform with leading global semiconductor firms. Silicon results are confirming the benefits of the pdBRIX platform in terms of silicon variability, predictability, and manufacturability. PDF Solutions is also engaged in a joint-development program with IBM to deliver this technology to leading foundries, fabless firms, and integrated device manufacturers.

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