New Product Introduction (NPI)

The risks and costs that fabless companies incur when the introducing a new System-on-Chip into a new node or foundry are becoming increasingly important. Achieving fast time-to-product qualification and a smooth transition to volume is critical if the business is to succeed. A lack of fast, accurate product characterization and process characterization often slows down determination of the best product-process manufacturing window. This makes it difficult to meet product requirements for functionality, performance, leakage, yield, test time and reliability.

PDF Solutions' New Product Introduction (NPI) technology and services accelerate the time-to-product qualification and minimize product introduction risks in advanced technologies. We help clients implement an effective, efficient product introduction and industrialization process from the first day of a new product launch.

Accelerate Product Bring-up

PDF Solutions' NPI experienced professionals can help gain at least 2-4 months on a new product's time-to-market. A key component of this solution is collecting and analyzing device characterization data obtained with our proprietary In-scribe Characterization Vehicle® (SCV®) test chips. SCV® test chips provide unrivaled detail on device parametric performance, variability and functional yield loss mechanisms at product first silicon.

Maximize Product Manufacturing Robustness and Predictability

Extensive device characterization data combined with product test-data analysis and modeling services enable accurate, product-specific performance and standby-power modeling. PDF Solutions' vast experience in solving yield and performance problems over numerous technology nodes enables us to quickly bring actionable conclusions to the new product introduction process. This achieves the optimal product-specific process settings, which maximizes manufacturing robustness and predictability.

Optimize Yields and Reduce Die Costs

PDF Solutions' NPI consultants ensure that all available product and manufacturing data are comprehensively integrated into a single database, thus enabling the use of advanced analysis tools and methods to identify root causes and to drive quick responses. PDF Solutions' Yield Ramp Simulator® (YRS®) tool and dataPOWER® Yield Data Analysis system are key components used to rapidly generate comprehensive yield loss paretos that clearly isolate product, design, test and process failure causes.

Today, leading fabless and foundry clients are successfully using PDF Solutions' NPI platform to accelerate their SoC introductions and to ensure a smooth transition to volume manufacturing.

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