State-of-the-art infrastructure to perform efficient on-line FDC control at fab level.

mæstria is a scalable Fault Detection and Classification (FDC) software solution to control semiconductor manufacturing equipment and processes. mæstria allows manufacturers to accurately detect and identify process or tool problems arising during production, in real-time. This increases Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) by improving manufacturing process stability, minimizing scrap and non-product wafers, and increasing Equipment Utilization Rate.

mæstria offers a state-of-the-art infrastructure to perform efficient on-line FDC control at fab level. It combines three key elements: best-in-class capabilities for excursion detection, a centralized database to store the entire fab's FDC data, and a high-performance business rules based FDC system. This system enhances automatic and on-line notification and thus improves the quality and speed of decisions. By transforming reliable data into accurate information, mæstria enables real-time actions that increase manufacturing efficiency.

  • Wide data acquisition capabilities - mæstria acquires all the equipment and logistics data necessary for FDC analysis, in any format and from any source (Interface A, databases, SECS/HSMS, automation, files, etc.). Logistics data are also acquired and consolidated with FDC context data for a more precise analysis.
  • Advanced analysis capabilities - mæstria includes advanced signal transformation and summarization capabilities, conventional univariate SPC, multivariate fault detection and classification functions, plus sophisticated meta analysis based on aggregated indicators. mæstria's interactive analysis user interface enables engineers to quickly understand faulty behavior and its context. In addition, mæstria offers off-line analysis capabilities to test FDC control strategies before deploying them to production. The strategy can also be tested on historical lot or wafer data.
  • Real-time alarms and events management - mæstria centralizes and assesses events and alarms to trigger the appropriate action or notification. Fault patterns and corresponding actions can be analyzed and applied to equipment, area, site, etc. Equipment alarms and events are overlaid with trace and univariate SPC charts and can be analyzed in conjunction with FDC Alarms.
  • Dedicated centralized database - Based on industry-standard high-performance Oracle technology, mæstria provides data management solutions fitted to FDC requirements. The entire fab's FDC data can be stored in one single location, enabling further analyses, such as trend analysis or yield excursion root-cause analysis.
  • Facilitated control strategy setup and management: mæstria offers several automated features which drastically shorten the time spent on FDC strategy setup and maintenance of SPC limits. This enables process engineers to concentrate on excursion analysis and prevention.

More than 6,000 pieces of manufacturing equipment are controlled by mæstria FDC, in about 40 different fabs, worldwide. These major foundries and top memory and logic devices makers have made mæstria the most widely used FDC system in the semiconductor industry.  mæstria supports a variety of hardware and software platforms, including Oracle 11g R2.

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