Integrated Yield Ramps (IYR)

When developing a new process, fast and accurate characterization of process-design integration choices is critical for determining which options meet specification and are manufacturable. This characterization enables much faster time-to-qualification and release to production. Time-to-yield and time-to-volume are vital metrics for success. Once production begins, the ramp from IC samples to full-volume production to acceptable ROI must be achieved in the shortest possible time-frame.PDF Yield Benefit

PDF Solutions' Integrated Yield Ramp solution helps IC makers achieve:

  • Faster qualification and release of new technology nodes to production
  • Higher initial yield at first silicon
  • Faster yield ramp through volume production
  • Higher yields at mature production with less variability

Experience Matters

PDF Solutions has more experience of solving yield and production problems than any organization worldwide. PDF Solutions has worked on more than 50 yield ramps since 1999. The company has improved manufacturing yields over numerous technology nodes and is currently involved in projects at the 32/28nm nodes. With its proprietary characterization tools, expertise and unique approach, PDF Solutions helps its clients improve their ramps:

  • Increase learning rates by a factor of two, cutting ramp times in half
  • Cost savings of hundreds of millions of dollars
  • Release of more stable mass production

Unique Tools and Methodology

PDF Solutions has developed and patented tools and methodologies over the last ten years that provide accurate process characterization, yield models, and variability reduction. PDF Solutions uses its Characterization Vehicle® Infrastructure to identify sources of systematic and random yield loss mechanisms much more efficiently (in test time per Si area) than conventional approaches. Our clients use this infrastructure, together with its established methodologies, to achieve learning rates that are twice as fast.

PDF Solutions has built unique IP and gained extensive experience in the Logic/SoC, DRAM, and Flash nodes. With more than 50 ramps, of which more than a dozen are at 45nm and below, PDF Solutions has a strong track record of working with its clients to reach target manufacturing yields faster than could be achieved by a fully in-house production ramp.

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