Fabless Semiconductor Industry

Scribe vs. PCMTime-to-market and cost effectiveness are important success factors for any fabless company. At the same time, more competitive product performance and cost-per-function are often obtained by designing SoCs at the most advanced technologies available. Bringing up products in these advanced, less mature process nodes adds considerable technological difficulty and risk, and has proven to be challenging to even the most renowned companies in the fabless semiconductor industry.

PDF Solutions' fabless clients leverage PDF's tools, services, and broad experience base to complement their product bring-up processes in order to meet world class time-to-market and cost effectiveness requirements.

  • Enabling Design: Our large set of device Characterization Vehicle® CVi, together with our benchmarking and device analysis services, facilitate sound strategic technology decisions, thus minimizing the risks associated with moving to new technology nodes, and adding flexibility to tape-out products given to second-source foundries.
  • New Product Introduction (NPI): Scribe CV® and pdFasTest technologies form our fast product-wafer characterization infrastructure. In contrast with regular PCM or WAT data, this infrastructure provides fast, appropriate and statistically relevant silicon observability that is crucial during product bring-up and volume ramp. Together with PDF Solutions' NPI consulting services, the time-to-product qualification and the risks of new product introduction are significantly reduced.
  • Engineering Data Analysis: The dataPOWER® yield management solution and its Analysis-Ready Database help rapidly identify losses due to device fabrication, test and design, thus enabling immediate action to improve yield. In addition, our data hosting services free fabless companies from the burden of data and IT management, thus allowing them to concentrate on engineering data analysis.

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