Environmental Guidelines

PDF Solutions is committed to environmental affairs in its business activities. It is engaged by the majority of leading Logic Semiconductor manufacturers to help improve the productivity of their factories and reduce waste, and as such helps to reduce their consumption of natural resources and greenhouse emissions substantially.

In addition, we strive to protect the environment through sound business and operations management practices and decisions. Toward this objective, we seek out ways to provide a safe and healthy workplace, reduce adverse impact on the environment by disposing waste safely and responsibly, and reduce the consumption of natural resources. PDF Solutions policies consider the responsible use of energy throughout its business activities, including conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emission, and we cascade these policies to our suppliers through a Supplier Code of Conduct. Periodically, PDF Solutions will conduct a self assessment regarding environmental protection measures and disclose such metrics and goals on its website.

Environmental Metrics and Goals

PDF Solutions is currently implementing foundational structures for baselining and capturing environmental metrics in a consistent fashion. We are piloting the tracking of energy consumption and indirect carbon emissions under "Scope 2" (per the U.S. E.P.A.'s Center for Corporate Climate Leadership), using a base year of 2012 measured for our headquarters office, and setting goals for waste management and recycling.  We intend to deploy an environmental program to all offices during 2014.

We are committed to reducing indirect CO2 emissions per employee.