EfficiencyAware Process Control

Profitable manufacturing in the photovoltaic industry relies heavily upon effective process centering, identifying the sweet spot for each piece of equipment in a photovoltaic manufacturing line, and controlling that equipment to remain in the sweet spot. Leveraging PDF Solutions' YieldAware™ semiconductor technology, PDF has introduced the EfficiencyAware Process Control system to the photovoltaic industry to address these key issues.

The EfficiencyAware Process Control system enables faster time to ramp a photovoltaic manufacturing line, superior cell efficiency distributions from each line, and improved factory ROI.

Proven Technology

PDF Solutions has tuned its modeling and control solution based on parametric optimization challenges in the semiconductor industry. This experience has enabled PDF Solutions to develop a control system that operates on the critical processing steps that are shared between the semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. This technology links process signals with cell properties and ultimately cell efficiency. The result is a photovoltaic manufacturing factory that can achieve:

  • Increased revenue without increased capital expenditures and without increased materials costs
  • Photovoltaic cells with less reliability issues during their lifetimes
  • More stable and predictable mass production

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