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PDF Solutions prides itself on providing a complete solution to the most challenging problems facing our clients. We provide the technology and consulting teams that get results. Our engagement teams partner with client teams and work side-by-side to leverage PDF Solutions' technology to achieve world-class results. Our solutions offerings span the process lifecycle from technology development through design, ramp, and into volume production.

  • Integrated Yield Ramp: PDF Solutions continues to be the partner of choice for manufacturers that are seeking to maximize the ROI they can achieve on their advanced process investments.
  • YieldAware™ Process Control: PDF Solutions has united the previously disjointed worlds of factory control and product yield to provide the industry's only yield based process control system.
  • New Product Introduction: Fabless firms and foundries are turning to PDF Solutions to achieve faster time-to-market in ramping new products.
  • EfficiencyAware™ Process Control: PDF Solutions' EfficiencyAware™ Process Control system controls manufacturing equipment to optimize for photovoltaic cell efficiency and factory throughput by building adaptive models that identify and link critical tool signals to efficiency loss mechanisms.

PDF Solutions' teams bring the unique mix of experience and expertise required to successfully navigate the complex integration challenges that clients face as they move through the process life cycle.

Contact us to discover more about how PDF Solutions can address your critical issues throughout the IC Manufacturing Process Life Cycle.