AnalysisReady™ Database


Database containing all off-line manufacturing and test data

The dataPOWER® AnalysisReady™ Database is a highly optimized engineering database that integrates all semiconductor manufacturing and test data. It empowers your engineers to spend their time interpreting results and reaching conclusions and lifts the burden of finding, aligning, merging, overlaying, summarizing and augmenting diverse data from multiple sources.

Product Overview

  • The database brings all your data, together in one place
  • Fab data types: FDC, metrology, equipment, defect, environmental, events, and others
  • Test data types: E-test / PCM, sort, final test, bitmap, and others
  • Robust retrieval GUIs and APIs are available
  • Data sources are fully-aligned at load time to make it easy to quickly merge, overlay and drill down to data from different sources
  • Stored meta-data hierarchy (technology, process, product, date, lot, equipment, and others) makes it easy to quickly find exactly the data needed
  • Multiple sets of limits, with versioning, are stored for metrology and test data
  • Lot and wafer level summary statistics are pre-calculated at load time for best retrieval performance
  • Database schema and retrievals are optimized for loading and retrieval performance across all data types
  • Dynamic database automatically accommodates new products, programs, parameters, etc.
  • Incoming data can be augmented with missing material descriptions, meta-data, process splits, wafer map configurations, tags, lot genealogy, etc.
  • Data loaders provided by PDF are available for all semiconductor data sources
  • Oracle, (including Oracle 11g R2), and Informix databases are supported on UNIX and LINUX servers
  • Databases can grow as large as needed - up to many Terabytes in size

With more than 10,000 users in about 60 companies worldwide, including top IDMs, foundries and fabless houses, the dataPOWER® database is the most widely used database in the semiconductor industry.

Analysis-Ready Database

The dataPOWER® Advantage

  • Easy and painless for anyone to find and retrieve data - not just DBAs
  • Easy to merge, overlay, filter and summarize large amounts of data from many different sources
  • Improved productivity: speeds up analysis by 2x - 10x
  • Improved data quality
  • Empowers people to focus on interpreting data and making decisions
  • Optimized retrieval performance
  • Scalable architecture: dataPOWER® can easily grow with your needs. Data volume, performance, the number and location of users - can all be easily scaled with additional servers.
  • System flexibility designed to meet the full range of user needs

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