Exensio® –Yield

Rich Semiconductor Capabilities Delivered On an Easy-To-Use Analytics Platform

The Exensio –Yield data analysis product (formerly called dataPOWER® VSF) enables IC manufacturers to rapidly identify losses due to problems in fabrication, test and design. It spans data types generated across the entire organization — including yield data, process tool data, manufacturing data and many others. Engineers and analysts can effectively drill-down to root causes and take quick actions to improve key performance metrics. These solutions feature a high-performance fully integrated database, the most comprehensive set of analysis engines available, intuitive easy-to-use interfaces for interactive analysis and a user-customizable automation and web reporting system. Our engineering data analysis product has been developed to cover the spectrum of users’ needs - from novice analysts to power users.

Benefits of Exensio –Yield include:

  • Higher, more stable yields
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Reduced scrap
  • More consistent, optimized test
  • Increased engineering productivity

Exensio –Yield is a powerful yield analysis solution for IC producers, featuring an intuitive interface, strong visualization capabilities and the ability to handle large data volumes.

Drill-down from Bin map lot gallery to composite map & Parametric Fail Pareto for selected Lot(s)

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