Exensio® –Test

Manage, Control and Optimize Test Operations and Productivity

Exensio-Test is PDF’s comprehensive test optimization and management solution. It enables IDM and fabless customers to access advanced enterprise test capabilities including management, control and optimization of operations. Additionally, the Exensio –Test module supports test floor operations as well as adaptive test and analysis technology. Customers can view diagnostic and predictive information during test, assembly and packaging — maximizing test operations, productivity and yields. 

Exensio –Test customers increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of test cells through optimization of tester configurations and management of tester data, as well as other test floor management operations. This superior level of testing is critical with many of today’s products that have stringent PPM defectivity requirements. Exensio –Test also offers advanced adaptive test capabilities that simultaneously maximize OEE and UPM (units tested per hour), further reducing costs and increasing yields. 

 Exensio –Test gives semiconductor manufacturers these benefits:

  • Implement real-time adaptive test algorithms for significant test time reduction, necessary for advanced products and processes with stringent PPM requirements.
  • Optimize test probe setup selection and simulations as well as tester/prober recipes, for test-time reduction.
  • Increase test productivity and insight into test floor efficiency across a variety of subcontractor and in-house test facilities, with real-time alarms and actions.
  • Define root-cause issues by leveraging manufacturing data from end-of-line wafer and final test, using powerful data mining, analysis and advanced adaptive test capabilities.
  • Drive and optimize adaptive testing, utilizing PDF Solutions’ scribe CV technologies to co-optimize OEE, UPM, productivity and yield.

PDF Solutions provides the ultimate platform to support your company's semiconductor process control, yield improvement and test management requirements. The Exensio platform provides the industry's most comprehensive and powerful enterprise semiconductor yield and process management solutions with
Exensio –Yield, Exensio –Control. Exensio –Test completes the platform with powerful test optimization and management solutions.

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